Editing, Curation and Story Development

When I’m not writing an essay or story myself, I relish helping others craft and tell their stories. I’ve conducted hours of personal interviews to help bring the most depth from a short film. And I’ve worked with professional athletes and professional writers alike to help them share their personal experiences in ways that will resonate most deeply with their readers. Whether it’s for a blog post, a book or a film, I love the process of teasing out delicate details and drawing the reader or viewer in.

For the past couple years I’ve had the pleasure of curating and editing the Verticulture blog for Outdoor Research. Working with a team of athletes and freelance writers, I’ve been able to help assign, edit and produce stories like:

The Psychology Of Climbing With Women by Charlotte Austin

Why You Should Not Go Ice Climbing This Weekend by Bayard Russell

5 Ways Men Can Help Fight Sexism In Climbing by Georgie Abel

Teton Pass Ski Touring Guide by Thomas Woodson