I write for magazines and websites like OutsideAdventure Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Bust, Climbing, Sidetracked, The American Alpine Journal, RANGE, Colorado Life, Elevation Outdoors, Utah Adventure Journal, Mountain Flyer and Freehub Magazine. Here are a few of my faves:

Essay: Running Kept These Sisters Close Through Rough Times, for Outside Magazine

Naturalist Poet Mary Oliver Reminded Us To Be Devoted To Life, for Adventure Journal

So I’m Dating An Ultrarunner, for Outside Magazine

Whatever Happened To Those Girls Who Signed “Purity Pledges”? for Bust Magazine

Why Climbers Have the Head Game of Zen Monks, for Outside Magazine

When Women Wear Bruises To Work, for Adventure Journal

Bikepacking Is Running Away From Home for Grownups, for Adventure Journal

I also blog for brands and pen marketing materials—even catalog copy for companies like REI, Outdoor Research, Urban Outfitters, OARS, The Clymb, Chaco, MSR and more. Here are some examples:

We Need An Extra Day, for the REI catalog

Commune With Nature—In The City, for the REI Co-op Journal

Dories—Do They Live Up To The Hype? for OARS

Closing The Confidence Gap With Sheldon Kerr, for Outdoor Research

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